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Brachaleh DinFrom the Desert:

new york jewelsThe desert's quiet expanse, where  designer Bari Din has spent much time as a guide and meditation teacher, is the visual backdrop for her Jewels of Light collection.  Flaming orange sunsets, purple mountains, and pastel sands have been transposed into wearable art pieces that feature pastels and luscious hues.  One can sense the muse that guides her hands to string together precious and semi-precious stones, luminescent pearls, and empowered black diamonds, distilling their essence and grace into an exquisite whole.

Her collection features lines for baby to bridal, bohemian to corporate, and casual to evening couture; they are timeless yet in and of the moment.
Jewels of Light enchant with subtlety, evoking sparks of splendor that reveal the place where each woman's beauty resides.  Bari's gift of alchemy allows her to capture the light of jewels to serve their higher purpose--illuminating the inner beauty and aura of all women.

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